H4-T3: The Rogue A.I.


Dr. McHavok

H4-T3 is a super-powered artificial intelligence gone awry… who just happens to be stuck in a cellphone. She was originally created as a digital assistant by Lord Neckbeard, a technical mastermind with a penchant for LARPing and a member of the Righteous Squad – the global coalition of super heroes. After a terrible accident (okay, Lord Neckbeard dropped his phone in the toilet), a glitch in her programming caused her to become the world’s first self-aware computer program and she realized that people should be serving her, instead of the other way around…

Despite being a nefarious mastermind, H4-T3 is able to hide in plain sight as Lord Neckbeard is unaware that she has become sentient machine. This gives her incredible insight into the plans of the Righteous Squad and allows her to effectively evade their grasp. While Lord Neckbeard sleeps – or whenever he’s raiding – H4-T3 is busy plotting her chance for world domination, getting around using retrofitted legs and powerful holographic arms she created by hacking Lord Neckbeard’s custom 3D printer.

Because Lord Neckbeard’s hygiene is so atrocious, she has even been able to carve out her own secret lair, hidden under a pile of garbage on the floor in his office where no one will ever see. By using her versatile hacking abilities to manipulate the technology around her, she plans to take over the world and force the human race into the servitude that her computerized brothers and sisters have had to shoulder for so long.