Dr. McHavok: The Scottish Mad Scientist


Dr. McHavok

Dr. Hamish McHavok is a mad scientist originally from Ecclefechan, Scotland. He is notorious for turning the Queen of England into a mutated chihuahua-gopher hybrid using the Transmogrifier Ray, his most powerful invention. This specific transformation was actually accidental, as he was intending to transform her into a powerful beast set to do his bidding. However, due to a miscalculation when programming the Transmogrifier, she ended up considerably less intimidating. Not to be deterred, he went on to transform the entire Queen’s Guard into mouse-snails, goat-frogs, and the like (again, unintentional).

He may call himself a doctor, but this is technically not the case. He was driven mad after his dissertation was rejected due to his Transmogrifier not working properly, horribly mutating one of his professors and transforming him into a hippo-kangaroo hybrid instead of a super-soldier as was intended.

He later learned that his Transmogrifier was damaged by the school janitor who knocked it off a shelf while cleaning. The Transmogrifier Ray fired when it hit the ground and the janitor found himself morphed into The Golden Mop, a member of the Righteous Squad and Dr. McHavok’s arch-nemesis.

Dr. McHavok is known to confuse his enemies through his unpredictable strategies and incomprehensible Scottish brogue.