Cthu-Loo-Loo: The Daughter of an Elder Deity


Dr. McHavok

Tired of living in the shadow of her father – the dreaded elder god – the angsty teen Cthu-Loo-Loo has set out to make a name for herself. With biting sarcasm and an eye roll that can kill (literally), she is best known for sneaking out of the house one night and using her telepathic powers to invade the dreams of several world leaders, driving them mad.

While she is typically aloof and only seems interested in gothic-metal music, she is not immune to the typical high school drama that affects almost everyone her age, demigod or not. She has a secret crush on A.J., the hunky leader of the varsity water polo team, but she doesn’t think he even knows she exists, despite her being 10 stories tall. He only seems interested in Becky Stevenson “The Mermaid Wonder.” Becky has it all; she’s the leader of the cheerleading squad, the most popular girl in school, and she even a member of the Righteous Squad, the global coalition of super heroes.

However, Cthu-loo-loo knows that if she defeats The Mermaid Wonder and takes over the world, A.J. will have no choice but to notice her. Never having been one to kick down a door though, Cthu-loo-loo plans to use her cunning and subtlety to fulfill her plans. If she’s lucky, she may even get crowned prom queen.