Chip Van der Nanner: The Kong of Wall Street


Dr. McHavok

Chip Van der Nanner is a legendary businessman with a personal yacht, an ivy league education, and billions in the bank. He also happens to be a super-intelligent 700 ft gorilla created in a New England laboratory. His company, Nanner Corp., has led the stock market for the last two decades and is currently worth more than the combined GDP of the USA, China, and Japan.

He has smashed industry records, crushed competitors, and demolished entire city blocks when a trade doesn’t go his way. He once destroyed half of Singapore to oust a competitor establishing a foothold in the area. The fact of the matter is, he doesn’t care who he has to mow down to get the job done, and it’s made him quite successful.

Despite Chip’s efforts to stay on top of the concrete jungle, a superhero-gone-politician who goes by Justice McKenzie threatens to undo everything with a massive overhaul to international antitrust laws which would effectively dissolve Nanner Corp. Never one to go small, Chip plans to do what’s best for his shareholders and take over the world to ensure continued fiscal growth at Nanner Corp.