Captain Villainy: The Fallen Superhero


Dr. McHavok

Captain Villainy — formerly known as Captain Valorous — used to be the leader of the global coalition of superheroes, the Righteous Squad. He was known for his legendary strength, which he used to smite villains mercilessly wherever they were so unfortunate as to be in his presence. Tragically, after being caught up in a drug scandal in the mid-90’s, he was disgracefully kicked out of the Squad and lost all of his corporate sponsorships.

However, Captain Villainy was framed. His former pupil and the right hand of the Righteous Squad, Incredibunny, planted the drugs in his mansion before calling in an anonymous tip to Righteous Squad H.R. (Hero Resources). Incredibunny then led the investigative committee which found the drugs and ousted Captain Villainy as a result.

After his career as a hero came tumbling down, Captain Villainy used the last of his savings to hire a private investigator to learn what evildoer would frame him so nefariously. It was there that he learned that it was none other than Incredibunny – who wanted to lead the Righteous Squad – who revealed Captain Villainy’s “secret” to the world to discredit him and ruin his reputation.

Now this muscle-bound ex-hero has taken up the mantle of the villain in an aim to get revenge on Incredibunny in the best way possible, by using his might to crush the Righteous Squad and to rule the world!