About Us

Diabolical! is made by Idea Wall Games, which is comprised of two guys in the Kansas City, Missouri, area: Evan Youngblood and James Bray.


Evan is a biological organism originating from Earth’s outer lithosphere, the most common source of life on the small planet. Despite these seemingly humble beginnings, he has gone on to set fashion trends, rescue kittens from burning buildings, and singlehandedly solve global crises in his spare time.

By day, Evan is an Interaction Designer for medical software. By night, he enjoys cooking, hiking, and spilling coffee on himself. Evan also enjoys table top games of all varieties, but some of his favorites are Carcassonne7 Wonders, and Pathfinder.

Evan is responsible for the designing the game mechanics for Diabolical! as well as community building and outreach.

You can find him on Twitter at @efyoungblood.


When James isn’t drinking large amounts of coffee and tea, he’s performing impressive skateboard acrobatics… on a fingerboard. They’re really something to behold. If he’s not landing explosive kick flips or playing video games, James works on a variety of art projects. He is fascinated – and probably obsessed – with all things visual design.

James is responsible for the visual development of Diabolical! His diabolical duties include: character design (Villains, Minions, and Heroes), logo creation (game & character logos), card design, and a variety of other graphical wizardry.

You can follow James’ art on Instagram at @jamesbdraws.