The Road to Gen Con, part 3

GenCon 3 header

Well, Gen Con is only two weeks away, and it’s really coming down to crunch time. Right now we’re working on tying up all the loose ends needed to make sure we have everything in place in time for the convention. Remember to come say hi at booth 3040 under the name Idea Wall Games!


Our first high-quality prototypes have arrived from The Game Crafter! We couldn’t be happier. The print quality is great and being able to see how all the components come together is a really satisfying feeling. Here is a picture of the box. If you want to see all the individual bits-and-bobs, be sure to watch our gameplay video coming out early next month!

Box Front
Box Back

First Exposure Playtest Hall

Have you been dying to play Diabolical! in person? Well, now you can! We’re excited to announce that we’ll be participating in the First Exposure Playtest Hall organized by Double Exposure, Inc. Come participate in the event to get a chance to see Diabolical! in action. We’ll be testing our game on Friday from noon—2pm, and on Saturday from 10am—noon, 2pm‚—4pm, and 6pm—8pm.

League of Xtraordinary Programmers

No new developments here per se, just wanted to remind you that we’re excited to be an on-site sponsor of the event and we’ll be demoing Diabolical! there as well. If you miss us at the First Exposure Playtesting Hall, be sure to check us out at the League of Xtraordinary Programmers, Friday, August 5 from 7—9pm. Early bird tickets are only 12 buckeroos if you register by July 31st. With that, you’ll get to enjoy some hors d’oeuvres (I can never spell that word) as well as craft beers and cocktails, AND you’ll get to check out various games, including the illustrious iOS game King Rabbit, made by RareSloth!

Printed Items

With just two weeks before the convention, anything custom we want has to go out the door for printing this week. We’ve ordered all kinds of fun stuff, including banners, art prints of each of the villains, as well as some beautiful large canvas prints to have available as giveaways. Remember, booth 3040. Below is a sneak peak at a couple of our handouts.

Captain Villainy handout
Cthu-Loo-Loo handout
Gorlok handout


Recording for the gameplay video is underway! We brought in some volunteers to help us play the game on camera and now we’re moving into editing and motion graphics. Below are a couple behind-the-scenes photos of some of our recording time.

Video Recording 2

Wrapping Up

Well, we’ve covered a lot over the last couple weeks as we continue trucking along to get ready for the convention. This has been one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life so far and we’re not even there yet!