Captain Villainy Process

By April 10, 2016Art


Captain Villainy’s design is closer to classic Hero/Villain tropes than any other villain in Diabolical! Of course – with our characters – we want to make them our own… fresh. His design stems from notable heroes like Superman, Batman, and Captain America, if those characters had fallen from fame and became bench-pressing hermits.


His biography helped in his design development. Asking questions like, “What would I look like if I was a once famed Superhero who washed up and strictly ate TV dinners for sustenance?” The result is the Captain Villainy you see in our board game.



Even after losing all of his notoriety, his confidence still remained; it just became a more vengeful confidence. Characteristics like this help determine things like pose and facial expressions. Knowing your character beyond a “cool” design and building a personality for them can help bring more life to the design.