Cthu-Loo-Loo Process

By March 7, 2016Art

A recurring theme for the visual development of Diabolical! villains seems to be growth. Growth in that the character we develop changes drastically in the creation process. What we end up with are villains I’m quite proud to include in our board game.

Cthu-Loo-Loo went through a lot of change in her development. For me, there are a few contributing elements to the growth of our characters. The two primary elements are collaboration and the digital process.





In previous posts, I’ve mentioned the benefits of the collaboration process and how conversations and brainstorming can push an idea even further.

The digital process (Photoshop) has many benefits and possibilities, but there are also downsides. Below are 5 Pros and Cons I’ve found working digitally.


  • Extensive editing ability 🙂
  • Ctrl + Z (undo)
  • Fine tuning color
  • Layers
  • No clean up


  • Extensive editing ability 🙁
  • File Saving
  • Software Crash
  • Screen Fatigue
  • Not tangible

With most things there are pros and cons and I’m beginning to find a healthy balance of traditional and digital in my process.

Cthu-Loo-Loo’s appearance started more “immature,” kind of in a young adolescence stage, which was fun and worked in the initial sketch. Somewhere in the translation from sketch to digital, it wasn’t interesting to me anymore. It felt safe for me and I felt I needed more practice depicting the female form.




In the end, she looks more like the angsty daughter of a great demigod and not just your standard angsty teen. My initial paintings were somewhat frustrating, but I feel like she turned out to be a fantastic inclusion to the villains of Diabolical!