Chip Van der Nanner Process

By February 7, 2016Art
Chip Banner

Before Chip Van der Nanner became the hairiest CEO in Wall Street history, he was a lizard. Not that he was born a lizard and then became a mammal. That’s outrageous. This was the visual decision Evan and I made, shortly after a few early sketches. Before visual development began, we planned to make him more of a movie Kaiju, which is cool, but we realized that with him a lizard, that would make several scaley/slimy villains (very secret unannounced character included ???).


The decision to swap species for the character was made and after sharing some ideas with each other, we started to work on him with the idea of “beast” in mind.


Above are a few class pictures I was able to dig up from Chip’s school years, which show where he began and where we landed. There was a mid point where I explored a Bigfoot route, but that wasn’t developing much. We liked the idea of a snooty/pompous villain and like our process with other villains, we threw ideas back and forth, which eventually brought us to our current Chip.