Görløk Process

By December 23, 2015Art

Of all the characters in Diabolical!, Görløk went through the most visual change as we developed him. This is something I welcome and encourage greatly in the creative process. One standout nugget of advice I’ve heard throughout my life is, “The first drawing is just a draft, never settle on the first idea.” By iterating on your ideas and pushing them far from where they started, you’ll likely discover your final product is much stronger overall.


Görløk’s character began as Görløk “The Metalhead” Necromancer, which wasn’t bad, but kind of bland in comparison to where we landed. Around the time I started painting him, I was watching some He-Man clips and the 80’s vibe really got me and helped inspire his costume and physique. The 80’s cartoons + Norwegian Black Metal & CorpseGrinder’s neck really helped bring it all together.