H4-T3 Process

By November 25, 2015Art
The villains for Diabolical! begin with a general concept for the look of the character. For H4-T3, we wanted to have some kind of “rogue” artificial intelligence, but we didn’t know what kind of AI this would be or how it would look.




I played around with some generic concepts – like a humanoid robot – but this felt to cliché for the kind of villains that would be in the game. Our goal was to create villains that relate to classic villain tropes, but to also apply our own creativity and personality to those ideas. During the exploration phase, I wanted the character to be more accessible to people, something more relatable. I had a sketch of a smartphone with a little face on it, which really helped her take shape.




Through her development, her personality became “small but mighty,” so one aspect we began playing up were the buff hologram arms. Some additional details that helped give her more personality were her binary brass knuckles, the various app icons on her screen, the cracked glass, and her electric blue hairdo.




H4-T3 is a sleek/high-tech villain and I wanted her logo to reflect those qualities. Taking notes from current smart phone juggernauts, the goal was to create a logo that could believably match up against today’s smart phone branding

h4t3_logo 2