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Diabolical! is a mischievous card game of secrets and backstabbery for 3-6 players in which you control a nefarious villain trying to take over the world!

Keep reading to see what people are saying about the game, and to meet our six unique villains! You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Here's What People are Saying

“It was a hit with my friends. One even said that he would get this game to replace King of Tokyo.”

Cloak and Meeple

“You guys nailed the 'smack talk of the year award' game. Everyone had a blast…”

Thomas E. O'Brien, Blind Playtester

“Good balance of random vs. strategy.”

Jessica Hunter, Gen Con Playtester

“Quick to learn, easy to play, lots to do.”

Anonymous Gen Con Playtester

“Everyone loves it!”

Michelle Richardson, Blind Playtester


Meet the Villains


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